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Optimally PLACE and SECURE products in containers with intelligent services and Internet of Things Technologies

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About Us

We are a team of highly motivated individuals with keen entrepreneurial mindsets and we are fortunate to be supported by esteemed mentors in our journey.

We provide innovative services and ideas

We are on our way and we have been identified as leaders at the Supply Chain Awards 2018. Our goal is to secure partnerships that will enable us to grow and offer our solution across Europe and USA.

CargOps value is offered to a plethora of stakeholders from shipping companies to insurance companies as well as all the way up to governemental bodies as means for policy making in the transport industry.


We offer a variety of State-Of-Art IoT products to secure your shipment's transportation


CargOps Secure© Solution: Continuous monitoring of in- container metrics relevant to security and integrity of the shipment. Availability for connection through GSM and Wi-Fi.


CargOps Optimal© Solution: Automatic identification of volume/placement of pallets introduced in the container. Cross-validation of appropriate placement in relation to the 3D Bin Packing output per shipment.

Secure & Optimal

A premium combination of CargOps Secure© & CargOps Optimal©


Georgopoulos Vasilis

Chief Executive Officer

Potamianos Evaggelos

Chief Operating Officer

Doureliadis Nikolas

Chief Technology Officer

Kazatzis Panos

Chief Financial Officer


You can find us on social media and catch up on our new services and products


+30 697 1867 753

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